Ethereum wallet

Securely Open and Use Your Ethereum Wallet on Coin Wallet

Coin Wallet offers high-security, privacy protected storage for your Ether assets – without compromising functionality. It’s the safe and reliable option for all your Ether needs

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a blockchain developed after the Bitcoin blockchain. It produces Ether cryptocurrency and is a ledger system that organizations can use to build their own decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Ethereum expands on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is only a payment system. Etherum is a more dynamic system that can
be used as a digital lever. In addition to producing Ether currency, the Ethereum-based applications are used by organizations
in fields like health care, finance, and government

What is Ether?

Ether is the coin mined on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Instead of being purely a currency, like other major coins, Ether coins are used to fuel the activities of the Ethereum blockchain. Ether assets can be stored in an Ethereum wallet.

There is no set limit on Ether production and its circulation is currently over 100M

How can I open an Ether wallet account?

Opening an Ether wallet with Coin Wallet is fast and hassle-free. You can create your Ether wallet from your computer or mobile device without providing any personal information.

The process is simple:

Select ‘create new wallet’

You will be given a unique passphrase. This is your only way to access your Ether wallet address/account.
This information cannot be retrieved if lost, so it is essential to record it in a secure place.

From here, you’re ready to send and exchange tokens with the app. You can buy tokens with credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or your existing crypto assets.

Coin Wallet offers the ETH wallet for Android, an Apple Ether wallet, and an online desktop/laptop version. Note that ETH wallets are different from ETC wallets (Ethereum Classic), a different project.

One wallet for all your digital asset needs

How do you use an anonymous Ethereum wallet?

Coin Wallet wallets keep your transactions completely secure and anonymous.
We store zero personal data, meaning that your account is virtually impossible
to compromise

The most important thing to remember about using an anonymous Ethereum wallet is that no one can access your wallet except you – not even us. That means that your passphrase must be kept in a secure location because it cannot be retrieved from any database if lost.

    What are the advantages of Ether?

    Ethereum has been a leading blockchain since its launch in 2015. Ether coins, like Bitcoin and other major coins, can be transferred between parties. 

    In addition to being a cryptocurrency, Ethereum blockchain provides smart contracts functionality and is used for the development of applications and software in a growing number of industries. Among multi-billion dollar companies exploring blockchain, over half of them are developing with the Ethereum platform.


      What are the advantages of using
      an Ethereum wallet app?

      An Ethereum wallet is necessary to buy, sell, or store Ether tokens. They provide direct access to the blockchain and an interface to view, trade, or spend your Ether.

      All your Ether transactions happen through your wallet, which is why it’s important to select a wallet provider that has strong security measures in place and can facilitate fast transactions.

        Why store Ether with Coin Wallet?

        Whether you plan to use your wallet for secure asset storage, for daily trading, or as a convenient way to make day-to-day purchases, Coin Wallet has the features you need:

        Fast, seamless payment. Coin Wallet has integrated payments via credit card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay so that you can purchase Ether and other cryptocurrencies with the payment methods you already use.

        Total privacy. Coin Wallet stores zero personal data to keep your transactions completely secure and anonymous. We also say no to third-party advertisers, which store personal data that can be used to track your crypto activity and link it to your other online and mobile usage.

        A 4-pronged security approach. Coin Wallet users can count on the security of their assets. We use bank-level security to prevent hacking and application-level authentification to protect unauthorized logins. We ensure that only you know your password by not storing it in any database. And we keep your device fully localized by maintaining a server-free environment.