Legal Inquiries

From time to time, CoinSpace LLC., a Georgia corporation (“Coin Wallet”), receives requests from regulatory agencies and law enforcement located around the world. This page answers a few of the most common questions we receive from government authorities and explains how Coin Wallet processes these requests for information from law enforcement.

1. Why does Coin Wallet, because of its non-custodial software, generally not have identifying information about its users?

Coin.Space is a software company that has developed an unhosted and non-custodial wallet software platform for multiple types of virtual currency (the “Coin Wallet Platform”). The Coin Wallet Platform provides an easy-to-use software interface that permits users to manage virtual currency on their desktop computers, mobile phones, and their own hardware wallets (for added security). The software provided by Coin Wallet permits users of the software to hold, send and receive virtual currency, with each user having total independent control over the private keys of their virtual currency.

The Coin Wallet Platform software is a free download that is used without opening an account with Coin Wallet and without providing any identifying personal information to Coin Wallet. The private keys for the virtual currency are held by the user and are encrypted locally on the user’s device.

Coin Wallet does not have accounts, custody or control over a user’s virtual currency. Consequently, unless a user contacts Coin Wallet and provides it with such information, Coin Wallet does not have any information about a user’s name, email address, address, or national ID number.

2. Can Coin Wallet freeze a user’s wallet?

No. Coin Wallet cannot freeze or take possession of virtual currency on law enforcement’s behalf or send virtual currency from the user’s wallet to another party. The private keys for the virtual currency are held by the user and encrypted locally on the user’s device.

3. Does Coin Wallet respond to law enforcement information requests?

Yes. Coin Wallet will respond to valid law enforcement agency requests. Coin Wallet reviews each law enforcement request to determine that it has valid legal basis and that any response is tailored to provide the data requested. Coin Wallet also reserves the right to make disclosures to authorities in order to protect itself and users.

Law enforcement requests should be sent to support@Coin.Space. Please note, Coin Wallet will only respond to requests sent from email addresses from a government domain.

4. What information should be included in the law enforcement information request?

To help us respond to your request as quickly as possible, please include the following information:

  • Name and contact information of the requesting officer (email, phone number, and mailing address).
  • Name of the government authority issuing the request.
  • A copy of the subpoena, warrant, court order, investigation letter, or valid information request.
  • Any available information the requesting law enforcement agency is willing to share that may expedite Coin Wallet’s search for any responsive records.
  • A reasonable deadline for the requested information. If your request is urgent, please include a brief explanation for the emergency.

If you have more questions, please contact us.