Cardano address example

Nikita Verkhovin

Cardano has three different types of addresses. Two from the Byron era, which ended in July 2020, and one from the Shelley era, from July 2020.

Byron era addresses (legacy)

When the Cardano blockchain was first formally launched in September 2017, it was known as the "Byron era."

  • Icarus. Starting with Ae2.
  • Daedalus. Starting with Dd.

Shelley era addresses

This address type is currently the most widely used.

  • Shelley. Starting with addr1.

Cardano address examples

Type Example
Icarus Ae2tdPwUPEZFSi1cTyL1ZL6bgixhc2vSy5heg6Zg9uP7PpumkAJ82Qprt8b
Deadalus DdzFFzCqrhsfZHjaBunVySZBU8i9Zom7Gujham6Jz8scCcAdkDmEbD9XSdXKdBiPoa1fjgL4ksGjQXD8ZkSNHGJfT25ieA9rWNCSA5qc
Shelley addr1q8gg2r3vf9zggn48g7m8vx62rwf6warcs4k7ej8mdzmqmesj30jz7psduyk6n4n2qrud2xlv9fgj53n6ds3t8cs4fvzs05yzmz

In Coin Wallet, the default wallet address is Shelley. Use it to receive deposit transactions.