CoinSpace : Bitcoin Cash Fork Update

Nikita Verkhovin

Dear Coin App Users,

If they want to get their Bitcoin SV (BSV) now you need to export and transfer private keys from BCH to another wallet which supports BSV. As expected, the November 15th Bitcoin Cash hard fork resulted in a chain split and two different cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin Cash undergoes scheduled upgrades twice a year, the split was caused after two different development teams proposed incompatible upgrades - Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin SV. At this time, it appears the community has reached consensus that the Bitcoin Cash ABC implementation will retain the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) name and Bitcoin SV (BSV) has emerged as an independent chain and coin.

As we communicated previously, Coin.Space users who held Bitcoin Cash (BCH) before the fork will be credited with both coins When we add the support for BSV. For example, if you held 1 BCH in CoinSpace Wallet at the time of the fork, you will now hold 1 BCH and 1 unit of BSV.

All the best, Team CoinSpac