EOS address example

Nikita Verkhovin

EOS uses a single address type, or account name, as its developers refer to it. Addresses are always 12 characters long and consist of lowercase alphabet letters a-z, numbers 1--5, and a period ( . ). An address cannot begin with a number or a period. Addresses cannot include a period at the end.

Periods have a specific meaning for EOS accounts. They specify that an account includes a suffix (similar to a top-level domain such as .com), also known as a premium name. Only the suffix owner is capable of creating accounts with suffixes.

EOS address examples:

  • taggartdagny
  • eosx.game
  • big1.mlt

To receive EOS, you must give someone your address. If you want to send someone EOS, double-check all of the letters and numbers in the destination address before confirming the transaction.