ERC20 and other Tokens

Samantha Avotch

Today we support Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

We get many request to add support for other others tokens to CoinSpace Wallet. So it makes sense to explain how we decide what tokens to support and when we add these tokens to the CoinSpace Wallet.

We take into account the Market Cap for each Token and the level of effort it will take for our Development Team to bring that token to CoinSpace. Many new Crypto coins are developed and launched each day and those development teams contact us asking to support their coin, we would really like to support all of these coins but the time to add each one and the development cost just doesn't make that possible. For that reason we are starting a new program where we will work with the Development teams to add new Tokens along with collecting a fee from the Coin development team. The fee would be in the form of the token that is looking to be added to CoinSpace and will serve too fund the development needed as well as be used for testing during the development.

The second option for having a Token added is to make a Pull request on the Github repository.

To start working with CoinSpace please contact and request to be put in contact with Dev Team about adding a Token.