Get your bitcoins back from Cobo Vault

Nikita Verkhovin

The Cobo Vault team announced that Cobo Vault will begin to shut down on September 15, 2021. Fortunately, the Cobo Vault was designed to be non-custodial and used the BIP39 standard to generate private seed. Coin Wallet is compliant with this standard.

The bitcoin derivation paths for Cobo Vault and Coin Wallet are identical:

  • m/84'/0'/0' (Bech32 - SegWit native)
  • m/49'/0'/0' (P2SH - SegWit compatible)
  • m/44'/0'/0' (P2PKH - Legacy)

Get your bitcoins back from Cobo Vault

To recover your bitcoins from the Cobo Vault, you must first open an existing Coin Wallet account and enter your Cobo Vault 12/18/24-word recovery phrase.

step 1

That's all. Your bitcoins are now accessible. If you are still having problems, please contact us at