How do I get my bitcoins back from my old Darkwallet wallet?

Nikita Verkhovin

The last time Darkwallet committed to a repository was August 6, 2016. The wallet was shut down after that, and was redirected to

How do I get my bitcoins back from my old Darkwallet wallet?

Since Darkwallet isn't a BIP39-compliant wallet, its passphrase won't work with Coin Wallet. The mnemonic.js package was used, which comes with its own list of 1626 passphrase words instead of 2048 from BIP39. That's right, get ready to hack.

1. Download passphrase generator compatible to old Darkwallet: Unzip it, and then open index.html in your browser.

step 1

2. Type your passphrase into the field that says "Dark Wallet Passphrase."

step 2

3. Copy "BIP32 Extended Key".

step 3

4. Paste it into the "BIP32 Root Key" of the BIP39 tool

step 4

5. Open the Derivation Path tab and go to BIP32. Set the BIP32 Derivation Path to m/0'/0.

step 5

6. Add the generated private keys to your new Electrum wallet. For more information, see docs.

step 6

7. Do steps 5 and 6 again, but this time use the values m/0'/1, m/44'/0'/0'/0, and m/44'/0'/0'/1. If you used Darkwallet Alpha 7 or later, the last two paths will get your bitcoins back.

8. You should make a new Coin Wallet and move all of your money from your Electrum wallet to it because Darkwallet's seed generation might not have been safe.

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