How to migrate from Bisq?

Nikita Verkhovin

Bisq is a decentralized bitcoin exchange network with open-source code. Bisq allows safe, private, decentralized bitcoin exchange for national currencies and other digital assets. Bisq allows third-party-free trading with peer-to-peer networking and multi-signature escrow. Bisq uses human arbitration to resolve disputes and is non-custodial.


Bisq generates 12 wallet seed words using the BIP39 standard. Coin Wallet meets the requirements of this standard.

How to migrate from Bisq?

1. To migrate your bitcoins from Bisq, first locate your 12 wallet seed words. Here's how to find it on your MacOS device.

step 1

2. Log in to your existing Coin Wallet account using the 12 words from the previous step.

step 2

2. Select "Bitcoin" from the list of cryptocurrencies.

step 3

3. Open the "Derviation path" page.

step 4

4. Enter m/44'/0'/1' to the input "Bech32 - SegWit native" and click the "Save" button.

step 5

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