How to migrate from Bitcoin Core?

Nikita Verkhovin

Bitcoin Core is a full Bitcoin client that serves as the network's backbone. It provides a high degree of security, privacy, stability and source code. However, it has fewer features and requires a large amount of space and memory. Furthermore, synchronization from scratch now takes weeks.

Bitcoin Core

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Core does not support the BIP39 standard. This is why migrating from Bitcoin Core requires that your Bitcoin Core application be operational.

How to migrate from Bitcoin Core?

The way to migrate from Bitcoin Core:

1. Create a new Coin Wallet account.

step 1

2. Select "Bitcoin" from the list of cryptocurrencies.

step 2

3. Open the "Receive" page and copy your wallet address.

step 3

4. Open Bitcoin Core, paste the address from the previous step into the "Pay To" input, click on "Use available balance," and click the "Send" button.

step 4

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