How to migrate from Coinomi?

Nikita Verkhovin

Coinomi is a non-custodial multiplatform wallet from 2014 that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. More than a million Google Play Store downloads.

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The most recent iOS app update occurred on March 21, 2022. The most recent Android app update occurred on March 19, 2022. Social activity also came to an end in 2022. Some Reddit posts and app reviews speak for themselves — it's time to migrate.

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Fortunately, Coinomi is a wallet that creates a passphrase using the BIP39 standard. Coin Wallet follows this standard.

How to migrate from Coinomi?

1. To migrate from Coinomi, you must first open an existing Coin Wallet account using your Coinomi wallet passphrase. This only works if you haven't already set the BIP39 advance passphrase.

step 1

2. Click on Bitcoin to synchronize it and display the current balance.

step 2

Your bitcoins are now available for use.

Derivation paths

Due to the fact that Ethereum and other coins have different default derivation paths, an additional setting is required.

1. Select Ethereum.

step 1

2. Navigate to the "Derivation path" page.

step 2

3. Enter m/44'/60'/0'/0 into the input and click on the "Save" button.

step 3

For other coins, use these paths:

  • Avalanche: m/44'/60'/0'/0/0
  • Ethereum Classic: m/44'/61'/0'/0
  • TRON: m/44'/195'/0'/0/0

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