How to migrate from Electrum?

Nikita Verkhovin

Electrum is one of the oldest non-custodial bitcoin wallets. It's open-sourced and has desktop and Android applications.

Electrum Wallet

Unfortunately, Electrum was created before the BIP39 standard was developed. This is why 12 words from the Electrum seed are incompatible with Coin Wallet.

How to migrate from Electrum?

The only way to migrate from Electrum now is to locate private keys with non-empty addresses and import them into Coin Wallet.

1. Open Electrum and export a private key for the address where the balance is not zero.

step 1

2. Create a new Coin Wallet account.

step 2

3. Go to the "Transfer private key" page.

step 3

4. Enter the copied private key, click "Continue," and confirm the transfer.

step 4

Repeat the steps above for the remaining private keys with non-zero balances.

If you are still having problems, please email