How to migrate from HODL Wallet?

Nikita Verkhovin

HODL Wallet is a non-custodial, fully open-source wallet that solely stores Bitcoin. In 2018, it was established. Apps for both Android and iOS are available for download. HODL Wallet connects you directly to the Bitcoin network using Bitcoin SPV technology.

HODL Wallet

HODL Wallet generates a twelve-word mnemonic phrase using the BIP39 standard. Coin Wallet complies with this standard's requirements.

How to migrate from HODL Wallet?

1. To migrate bitcoins from HODL Wallet, locate your 12-word mnemonic backup recovery key and enter it into your existing Coin Wallet account.

step 1

2. Then, select Bitcoin.

step 2

3. Go to the "Derivation path" page.

step 3

4. Input m/0' into the "Bech32 - SegWit native" and "P2PKH - Legacy" fields, then press the "Save" button.

step 4

Your bitcoins are now available for use.

If you are still having problems, please email