How to switch from bitWallet to Coin Wallet?

Nikita Verkhovin

Sollico Software's bitWallet is an iPhone bitcoin wallet. It is not the same as BitWallet from BitWallet, Inc.

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bitWallet is an old wallet that was first released on March 21, 2014. The most recent update was made on July 30, 2020. It supports bitcoin, litecoin, and bitcoin cash. Bitcoin is still alive, but the last two are no longer.

bitWallet zero nodes

There are no litecoin and bitcoin cash nodes connected, so you cannot check the balance or make transactions with these coins.

How to switch from bitWallet to Coin Wallet?

There are two types of wallets in bitWallet: Classic and Hierarchical Deterministic (HD). Your actions in bitWallet will differ depending on the type of wallet you have.

Easy way

While bitWallet is still operational, simply open a new Coin Wallet account and transfer all funds from bitWallet as a transaction.

easy way

Hard way for HD wallet

1. Bitcoins from HD wallet type can be recovered when bitWallet down. You must use your bitWallet 12-word passphrase to open an existing Coin Wallet account.

step 1

2. Then, select Bitcoin.

step 2

3. Go to the "Derivation path" page.

step 3

4. Enter m/0' into the P2PKH input and press the "Save" button.

step 4

bitWallet lets you set up different types of accounts. The steps above are for the BIP32 structure zero account that is default. Other matching paths from bitWallet to Coin Wallet are in the table below.

bitWallet Coin Wallet Example for "Account 0"
BIP32 m/i' m/0' (P2PKH)
BIP44 m/44'/0'/i' m/44'/0'/0' (P2PKH)
BIP49 m/49'/0'/i' m/49'/0'/0' (P2SH)
Account m m (P2PKH)
Simple H not supported
Simple not supported
Direct not supported

i = account index. e.g. "Account 1" has i = 1.

For instance, if you used the BIP44 structure on bitWallet, for Account 0, use the m/44'/0'/0' derivation path in the P2PKH input.

Hard way for Classic wallet

1. Copy Private Key from bitWallet.

step 5

2. Make a new Coin Wallet account and transfer the copied private key to it.

step 6

Bitcoins are now ready for use. Please email to our friendly support staff if you're still having problems.