Litecoin Wallet for Windows

Nikita Verkhovin

Currently, there are three Litecoin wallets for Windows desktop computers that deserve your attention: Litecoin Core, Exodus, and Coin Wallet. These wallets are all non-custodial. It means that private keys stay on your computer. Additionally, Litecoin Core and Coin Wallet are open-source.

Litecoin Wallets

1. Litecoin Core

Litecoin Core is open-source desktop software that replicates the entire blockchain on your computer for use. This configuration, known as a "full node," secures and maintains the Litecoin network. The software can be installed on computers running Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Cons: You must download the entire Litecoin blockchain before you can begin working with it.

2. Exodus

Exodus, a cryptocurrency wallet, is great for beginners. Signing up with Exodus gives you access to more than 300 cryptocurrency assets. Wallet users also have access to an integrated exchange, email support, and live chat.

Cons: The source code is confidential.

3. Coin Wallet

Coin Wallet, a non-custodial multicurrency wallet, allows you to send, receive, buy, sell, and exchange Litecoin and other coins and tokens with ease. Wallet has desktop applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Cons: –.

Recommended Litecoin Wallet for Windows

Given all of the advantages and disadvantages, Coin Wallet is the best wallet for Windows (based on our expert opinion).

Coin Wallet

Coin Wallet application can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10 and later versions are required.

Please read the detailed guide about how to create a Litecoin wallet via Coin Wallet.