Polygon address example

Nikita Verkhovin

Polygon (MATIC) only accepts one original address type. A Polygon address is a 42-character hexadecimal address generated from the last 20 bytes of the account's public key, with 0x appended at the beginning. The presence of capital letters in a Polygon address indicates a checksum (EIP55). As a result, you may prefer the checksummed address version, but both will suffice.

Examples of Polygon addresses:

  • 0xe8f04c75b331c309987d161f2ec1bec32170437a
  • 0xE8f04C75B331c309987D161F2Ec1BEc32170437a (checksum)

You can receive MATIC or Polygon tokens by sharing your Polygon address. Just double-check all address letters and numbers before completing the transaction.