Solana address example

Nikita Verkhovin

Solana supports only one address or public key format (pubkey). Address is a base58-encoded string of 32-44 characters. Basic verification of the Solana address can be done via regular expression: [1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{32,44}.

Solana address examples:

  • 7EcDhSYGxXyscszYEp35KHN8vvw3svAuLKTzXwCFLtV
  • DpNXPNWvWoHaZ9P3WtfGCb2ZdLihW8VW1w1Ph4KDH9iG

Share your Solana address with others to receive SOL or SPL tokens. However, before you confirm the transfer, please double-check all address letters and numbers.