TON Poker. TON Poker is the first Telegram poker room on TON

Dmitrii Vlasenko

TON Poker is the first poker room for crypto right inside Telegram.

The room was created by poker fans who one day understood that they had never seen the room that would meet all their needs. Poker inside Telegram eliminated the need to download yet another app or remember a website page. TON Poker made it simple to instantly deposit and withdraw your funds, and waste no time on multi-stage registration processes.

Why Telegram?

Telegram is a perfect place to build communities, and poker is a game that can’t exist without one. Telegram has faced tremendous growth lately. Its worldwide MAU is 800M.

What’s inside TON Poker

  • Cash-tables (6 max / 4 max, 50BB - 150BB with limits from 0.02/0.05 to 5/10).
  • Freerolls (no late registration, no add-ons).
  • Paid tournaments.
  • Community on Telegram.
  • Telegram Bot, helping users to connect a wallet, play and get instant payouts.
  • Affiliate program.
  • The Wheel of Luck.

For now, 15 types of cryptocurrencies are available for deposits, while the game itself and withdrawals are only in USDT (TRC-20). Deposits are available from any wallet convenient for the user.

How to play

Check out and play TON Poker.