Urgent: Major Product upgrade. PIN reset required.

Samantha Avotch

Over the last 6 months we have more than doubled our user base. Due to this growth we need to make some upgrades to continue to deliver the simplest Crypto wallet service. Some of the upgrades are minor code changes but the one we are working on now is a major improvement in infrastructure. As we rollout a major infrastructure change to to CoinSpace we want to make our over 400,000 users aware that this change might require some users to renter the PIN.

What you need to do: Please check your passphrase and export private keys before the update.

All users where asked to save your Passphrase when you established your wallet, so this will not be a issue for 98% of you, but if for some reason you did not save it you will need to export your Private keys from the Settings screen. This will allow you to create a new wallet (save the Passphrase) and then import those Private keys.

What will happen when you next login: You will be asked to reset your PIN. This includes reenter your Passphrase and then a new PIN.