Web Wallet from Bitcoin.org

Nikita Verkhovin

Bitcoin.org is dedicated to promoting Bitcoin's long-term growth. Bitcoin.org is not the official Bitcoin website. Nobody owns the Bitcoin network, just as no one owns email technology. As a result, no one can speak authoritatively on behalf of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin.org website has a curated directory of Bitcoin wallets. The first step is to choose your operating system. Now, there are three options: mobile, desktop, and hardware.

Bitcoin.org now

But did you know that there was one more type of operating system available? It was "Web". There was only one Web Wallet available on Bitcoin.org as of May 2, 2020. And it was Coin Wallet ("Coin" was previously Coin Wallet's short name).

Bitcoin.org from Web Archive

Later, Bitcoin.org developers decided that Web Wallets were insecure for various reasons and removed them entirely from the site. But if you follow simple security rules, web wallets provide the same security level as mobile or desktop apps:

  1. Use the latest version of a modern browser.
  2. Use incognito mode. It will disable extensions that can try to steal your private keys or passphrase.
  3. Check the URL of the web wallet.
  4. Close the tab with your wallet once you're done.