Why You Should Invest in Cryptocurrency Right Now

David Robert Alalade

As cryptocurrency prices continue to fluctuate, many investors may be wondering if it's still profitable to invest.

Even the most committed individuals may feel uneasy in the midst of the crypto crisis, making it difficult to maintain optimism at the moment. While there are some compelling reasons to postpone for the time being, there are also compelling reasons to continue investing in cryptocurrencies. A number of factors combine to make cryptocurrencies a risky investment. However, there are increasing indications that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Should You Make a Cryptocurrency Investment?

Many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are introduced with lofty goals that can be realized over very long time horizons. While the success of any cryptocurrency project cannot be guaranteed, early investors in a project that meets its goals could reap significant long-term benefits. However, in order to be considered a long-term success, any cryptocurrency initiative must achieve widespread adoption.

Let’s explore 10 reasons why investing in crypto might be profitable.

10 Reasons Why Investing in Cryptocurrency Might be Profitable

1. Prices Have Dropped to Their Lowest Level in a Long Time

Given that costs are significantly lower than they have been in recent months, market downturns are among the most cost-effective times to invest. For example, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped by nearly 70% from its peak of nearly $70,000 per token in November 2021 to around $20,000 in June 2022.

If you've been waiting for cryptocurrency to become more affordable, this could be your best chance. If you're on the fence about investing but think you might want to buy in the future, now could be a great time to get a good deal.

2. It's Easy to Start Trading Cryptocurrency

While the technology and concept of cryptocurrency may appear complex, even abstract, the truth is that it is very simple to get started with this mode of investment. Before you do, there are a few ground rules you should follow. To begin, cryptocurrency should only make up a small portion of your investment portfolio, especially if you're just getting started. Second, there are numerous tokens to select from. Do your research and learn about those that pique your interest, but keep in mind that many have historically attracted speculation and spiked in price before flattening and disappearing entirely. This is a good reason to start with Bitcoin — even if you only have a fraction of a single Bitcoin.

3. A Market Recovery Could Result in Substantial Profits

To be clear, no one can predict the future of cryptocurrency with certainty. Even if it recovers from this crisis, there is no guarantee that it will prosper in the long run.

However, if cryptocurrency prices rise, investing now could result in significant profits.

Despite extreme volatility, the average return on cryptocurrency prices has historically been positive. For example, despite numerous significant downswings over the last five years, Bitcoin has returned more than 660%.

4. Enjoy Dramatic Return On Your Investment

Naturally, as a newbie in a field characterized by tremendous and rapid innovation, Cryptocurrency is unrivaled in the global market in terms of both its value and its long-term viability. However, numerous prominent cryptocurrency newbies have seen a similarly rapid and dramatic rise from fractions of a penny per token to hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per token in a short period of time.

This means that you can accumulate the tokens today at a very low cost, with the potential for rapid and robust growth.

5. Increased Transaction Transparency

One of the strongest reasons for investing in cryptocurrency (and, for some people, the major reason for using blockchain) is that it provides a level of transparency that protects all parties involved in a transaction. Because all cryptocurrency transactions are encrypted on a publicly distributed network that cannot be altered or exploited, there are fewer likely investment risks due to regulatory duplicity, internal financial data falsification, incorrect asset values, and the countless other variances that cost investors huge amounts on traditional exchanges.

Many of the problems affecting a deeply flawed traditional finance system have been addressed by cryptocurrency. As a result, it has added a new layer of protection for the average investor.

6. Cryptocurrencies are Being Used to Build Future Monetary Systems

Cryptocurrency's real-world value is being reinforced by more than just the retail and service institutions that now accept some crypto tokens as payment methods. Adoption is also taking place in broad and institutional ways, with the potential to incorporate blockchain technology into fundamental infrastructural aspects of our financial markets.

7. Blockchain's Full Potential Is Unrealized

One reason why there are so many tokens in this space is that they all have their own value proposition. These propositions are wrapped in many ground-breaking innovations, ranging from innovative e-commerce systems and advanced safety precautions to industry-specific incentives and even sheer novelty. Furthermore, as other aspects of digital monetization emerge, such as the NFT collectibles and blockchain's potential benefits and applications will continue to uncover new opportunity for new investors.

8. It’s Not Too Late to Invest

If your main concern is that you completely missed the bitcoin boat, be rest assured that opportunities to make smart investments are still plenty. The truth is that if you didn't invest in Bitcoin like five years ago, you're probably too late to profit a lot from it because Bitcoin is already expensive. However, there are numerous other tokens available on exchanges, which people are investing into on a daily basis. While you may want to keep Bitcoin as your anchor, you can make some limited speculative moves into some other cryptocurrencies.

9. Blockchain Isn’t Going Anywhere

Several pieces of evidence indicates that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will most likely replace the traditional finance system in the nearest future. As more large and small businesses adopt cryptocurrency, more e-commerce operations base their entire infrastructure on specific tokens, and more everyday investors add virtual tokens to their portfolios, cryptocurrency's market position only strengthens. While the value of individual tokens can be highly volatile, there are reasons to believe that the cryptocurrency market as a whole will become a more stable and accepted part of the mainstream economy.

10. You Can Diversify Your Portfolio

Because cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have historically had low price correlations with the stock market, having some can assist you in diversifying your portfolio. If you believe that cryptocurrencies will be used more frequently in the future, you should purchase some directly as part of a diversified investment portfolio. Make sure you have a well-thought-out investment thesis outlining why each cryptocurrency in which you invest will last. You should be able to manage investment risk as part of your overall portfolio if you conduct adequate research and learn as much as you can about how to invest in cryptocurrencies.


Investing in cryptocurrency is a great way to gain direct exposure to the demand for digital currency.

Investing in cryptocurrencies can make you extremely wealthy, but it can also cost you all of it. The potential rewards are weighed against the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies.