XRP address example

Nikita Verkhovin

Default address type

XRP, also known as Ripple, has one default address type. Addresses always begin with "r", are between 25 and 35 characters long, use alphanumeric characters (excluding the number "0", capital letters "O", capital letters "I", and lowercase letters "l"), and are case-sensitive.

X-address type

When you deposit XRP on a centralized exchange or ramp, you are typically required to specify the destination tag in your transaction. Missing the destination tag is a common mistake during this process. This is why the X-address format was created. The X-address format starts with "X" and contains a destination tag.

XRP address examples

Type Example
Default rhccc5p23aKiCGFcEqqnjEfLRZ6xEvfy3s
X-address X7CKi2abDKpCYJRswXKL9dbQmSpR9q8RhCVh6DnLkbB9R8M

You can receive XRP at any address. Just be sure to double-check all address letters and numbers before confirming the transfer.