Monero Wallet for iPhone

Nikita Verkhovin, MyMonero, and Coin Wallet are the top three Monero wallets for iOS devices right now. Open source and self-custodial – all three wallets are great choices. Private keys stay on your iPhone, and anyone can see and check the source code of the apps.

Monero Wallets

Let's get it straightened out first. Monero has two kinds of private keys: the private view key and the private spend key. Two things can be done with a Monero account using these keys: the first is to view account transactions, and the second is to spend XMR from the account.

The Monero network is extremely difficult, and the people who made and MyMonero had to compromise in order to make wallets work. They send a private view key to the backend to look through the Monero blockchain and get a list of user transactions. Slow and unsafe – this is the way they do it. Private View Key should stay on your device and never leave it, so this way is unacceptable.

Monero Wallet for iPhone

Coin Wallet is the only Monero wallet for iPhone that keeps your private keys and private view key on the device and does not send them anywhere.

Coin Wallet developers spent months researching and trying different designs until they found one that worked perfectly for everyone. It lets you keep a private view key on your device and stay safe and private. Finally, in v4.0.0 was added a Monero support. You can find the source code on Github, which is open to everyone.

Monero Wallet for iPhone

Coin Wallet app is available for download from the App Store. You must have iOS 11.0 or later.

Learn how to make a Monero wallet with Coin Wallet by reading this complete guide.